Susie Rachele: Loving Every Minute of Lunch at Buttermilk Kitchen

Susie Rachele: Loving Every Minute of Lunch at Buttermilk Kitchen

As the saying goes, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” While Buttermilk Kitchen is known for its breakfast staples, its lunch specials will also have you feeling like a king! I’m Susie Rachele and I work as the General Manager at Buttermilk Kitchen. Lunch, for us, isn’t simply just “the second meal” of the day – it’s also an equally important meal period where we are given the opportunity to showcase the goodness of Georgia’s local ingredients.

Let’s begin with the starters. Our farm deviled eggs, for instance, is made from fresh eggs from free-range chickens that are given a non-GMO diet. Try to eat slowly next time and savor each bite so you can taste the difference! Meanwhile, our pimento cheese snack, which is our signature pimento cheese with house pickles and red pepper jelly on toast, will surely whet your appetite for what’s to come.

Make no mistake; Buttermilk Kitchen can make a mean sandwich! If you can’t get enough of our pimento cheese, then go for our Fried Green Tomato and Pimento Cheese sandwich – cornmeal fried green tomatoes and our house-made pimento cheese on top of toasted wheat, and served with house cut fries or tossed farm greens. Add bacon for an extra layer of flavor!

Have you ever had beer-braised chicken? No? Now is your chance to see what all the fuss is about! The star of our Pulled BBQ Chicken sandwich is our beer-braised Springer Mountain Chicken in house BBQ sauce. The chicken is served over white toast, with your choice of slaw, house pickles, house cut fries, and tossed green farms on the side.

Meatloaf may be an everyday food but it becomes extraordinary in the hands of Chef Suzanne Vizethann. Our meatloaf burger is made from grass-fed beef, smoked mayo, farm greens, and organic tomatoes on ciabatta. Order this next!

This is Susie Rachele, hoping to see you soon for lunch at Buttermilk Kitchen.


Susie Rachele: What’s For Breakfast at Buttermilk Kitchen?

Susie Rachele: What’s For Breakfast at Buttermilk Kitchen?

Hi, I’m Susie Rachele, General Manager of Buttermilk Kitchen, and I believe our humble restaurant can help change the way people feel about breakfast. For many of us, we may not make a beeline for the kitchen in the morning until we feel the rumbling in our stomach. The reasons for skipping breakfast vary – there’s little time in the morning before the mad dash for work; we can get by just fine until lunch time; or simply, there’s just nothing enticing to eat, so we skip it and look forward to our lunch options instead.

As General Manager of a busy breakfast place, I’m optimistic that once you get a taste of Buttermilk Kitchen’s Breakfast Originals, coming here will soon be part of your daily routine. Imagine waking up to classic breakfast staples, gingerly prepared just for you! Buttermilk Kitchen serves breakfast all day so whether you’re an early riser or a late sleeper, you won’t ever have to worry about missing out on your breakfast favorites.

Here are some of our Breakfast Originals that have made loyal regular diners out of our customers:

Bowl of Granola. A bowl of house roasted granola served with local honey, organic berries, and Atlanta Fresh yogurt, farm milk, or organic Treehouse almond milk.

Caramelized Banana Oatmeal. Have your daily fix of grains with a bowl of organic stone-ground oats with vanilla cream and cinnamon.

Buttermilk Pancakes. Order the full stack! Our buttermilk pancakes are fluffy and tangy and served with pure maple syrup and house butter.

French Toast. For something extra sweet yet filling, order the French Toast – two thick slices of Southern white bread are cooked and topped with pure maple syrup and powdered sugar.

Chicken Biscuit. Yes, you can have chicken biscuits for breakfast! Our signature dish, which consists of fried chicken breast on a biscuit with house-made red pepper jelly, pimento cheese grits, and house pickles.

This is Susie Rachele, hoping to see you soon at Buttermilk Kitchen!

Susie Rachele Recommends the BK Brunch Menu

Susie Rachele on Her Favorite Brunch Items

Buttermilk Kitchen is not solely a breakfast and lunch concept restaurant; they serve brunch on the weekends as well. These brunch specials are only served on Saturdays and Sundays, so make sure you find time on the weekends to drop by to try these new treats. Buttermilk Kitchen is almost always packed on weekends and these insanely delicious brunch specials are partly to blame. Brunch is served from 8AM-3PM so be sure to get there early!

Chef Suzanne rightfully maintains her place as one of the best chefs in Atlanta with her scrumptious brunch creations. A Muffuletta, an olive salad with provolone, prosciutto, farm greens, and house rosemary-focaccia, served with mixed greens or house-cut fries can be your appetizer.

Next, follow it up with Cornbread Bacon Pancakes served with pecan-rosemary brittle, bourbon barrel-aged syrup, and sea salt butter. For your entrée, you must try their Barbacoa Short Rib Hash served with guacamole, purple sweet potato, cilantro, and two farm eggs served your way.

If you’re looking for something sweet, BK’s Grapefruit Honey Scone served with vanilla honey and thyme-citrus butter can be the perfect way to end your meal. In the end, regardless of which brunch item you choose, you’ll find that the time you spend at Buttermilk Kitchen with loved ones will always be worth it.

To get your table for brunch, you must be present to put your name on the waitlist. Buttermilk Kitchen does not take any kind of reservations for the brunch special. Your cell phone number is required so that you can have the opportunity to wait nearby. The restaurant will text you when your table is ready. You get five minutes to come back and claim your table. Sounds easy enough, right? Head on early to Buttermilk Kitchen this weekend to treat yourself to your awesome brunch selection!

Susie Rachele on Buttermilk Kitchen’s Vendors

Susie Rachele Discusses the Trusted Vendors of Buttermilk Kitchen

Susie Rachel always promotes Buttermilk’s mission: to nurture people through food by use of sustainable, local ingredients. All dishes are made in-house from scratch with sustainable grown ingredients from nearby farms. We are proudly supported by these vendors:

White Oak Pastures.All Buttermilk Kitchen’s eggs are hand-selected and come from this farm. All of their chickens have free range to roam on the pasture. This developed from over five generations of an amazing family committed to sustainable land stewardship and humane animal treatment. We also utilize their 100% grass fed beef!

Holeman & Finch.If we do not make the bread ourselves, we use Atlanta based artisan bakery, H&F Bread Co. They bake the bread fresh every day! H&F cares about the bread they bake as much as the people who make and buy it. A company dedicated to its community, customers and family. They are committed to providing quality food to all, and we are proud to serve their handcrafted bread.

Rev Coffee Roasters.We took the time to bring in a variety of locally roasted coffee and did a blind taste test. Rev Coffee won as the best tasting coffee, hands down! Rev constantly strives to source the best beans and roast coffee to an exceptional quality and taste. Next time you are here at BK, try their cold press coffee. It’s simply the best!

Southern Swiss Dairy.BK was so impressed with the distinct taste of the fresh milk, chocolate milk, cream and ice cream created by SSD, that we had to start using it every day. The folks at SSD take great pride on ethical treatment of the cows, and put a bottling plant on their farm. This allows the milk to be processed the same day the cows are milked! All of this ensuring the freshest, best tasting milk possible.

Susie Rachele On Buttermilk Kitchen’s Breakfast Special: Smoked Salmon Benedict


Susie Rachele On Buttermilk Kitchen’s Breakfast Special: Smoked Salmon Benedict

Buttermilk Kitchen General Manager Susie Rachele is delighted to share another breakfast special from Chef Suzanne Vizethann—smoked salmon Benedict. No doubt Eggs Benedict are a favorite of many breakfast lovers, comprising classic morning staples like English muffins and bacon in one heavenly plate. But getting that tricky hollandaise sauce right requires superior culinary technique, which is why cooking this traditional American dish is best left in the hands of the skilled and experienced. Chef Suzanne however goes above and beyond with her rendition of Eggs Benedict, recreating it with the very best ingredients that can be sourced in Atlanta.

Starting with one of the main ingredients, the eggs, Buttermilk Kitchen is proud to feature White Oak Pastures’ free-range chicken eggs in their smoked salmon Benedict. All of the chickens at White Oak Pastures are free to roam on pastures so the eggs they produce noticeably taste different and better. According to White Oak Pastures, each egg from their farm is hand selected. This commitment to sustainable land stewardship and humane animal treatment has also been ongoing for more than 150 years or 5 generations, producing some of the finest eggs in Atlanta.

Apart from delicious pasture raised eggs, Buttermilk Kitchen’s smoked salmon Benedict also uses house focaccia instead of the usual English muffins, and smoked salmon to replace the bacon. To top it off is a hollandaise sauce made with Sriracha, a type of hot sauce or chili paste—who would have thought that Sriracha could add a delicious kick to this American breakfast dish? The ending result of these seemingly incompatible ingredients is something that can only be tasted to be truly understood.

To learn more about Buttermilk Kitchen’s breakfast specials or the local ingredients used, please feel free to approach Buttermilk Kitchen’s General Manager Susie Rachele the next time you drop by at Buttermilk Kitchen for breakfast.

Susie Rachele On My Style Vita’s Lovely Review Of Buttermilk Kitchen


Susie Rachele On My Style Vita’s Lovely Review Of Buttermilk Kitchen

Buttermilk Kitchen General Manager Susie Rachele is happy to share another distinction conferred recently to Buttermilk Kitchen by an Atlanta local. Jessica Camerata of My Style Vita, one of the top fashion blogs based in Atlanta, wrote a lovely review of why Buttermilk Kitchen is indeed one of the best brunch spots around.

From the food and service, to the ambience and variety of dishes, Camerata gave her two thumbs up for Buttermilk Kitchen, calling it her “kind of place.” In the review, she listed her favorite breakfast items at Buttermilk Kitchen, which are the sausage and egg special, tomato basil and corn omelet with a balsamic glaze, beet cured salmon plate, BLT sandwich, and of course, everyone’s favorite fried chicken biscuit and pancakes. Camerata is the co-founder of The Blog Societies, a community of bloggers of all genres across the country.

As Buttermilk Kitchen General Manager Susie Rachele is in charge of making sure service is impeccable, especially on the weekends when their little restaurant is packed to the brim, this review written by Camerata is big and wonderful encouragement. This kind of feedback is why the folks at Buttermilk Kitchen continue to do what they do—nurturing people through food made with sustainable, local ingredients.

If you haven’t had the chance to dine in at Buttermilk Kitchen yet, it’s never too late to see what all the fuss is about. Apart from Camerata, plenty of other bloggers and foodies have left upbeat reviews about Buttermilk Kitchen’s fare, notables like Atlanta Magazine and Serious Eats. As mentioned in Camerata’s review, Buttermilk Kitchen has had the honor of being featured in Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives; compelling even more people to try Buttermilk Kitchen’s famous chicken biscuits.

Should you have any questions about Buttermilk Kitchen and its locavore philosophy, feel free to ask General Manager Susie Rachele; she’ll be glad to answer your inquiries.



Susie Rachele on First-time BK Guests: Get the Chicken Biscuit!

Susie Rachele on First-time BK Guests: Get the Chicken Biscuit!

Buttermilk Kitchen is a popular restaurant in Atlanta, GA mainly because of three key ingredients: good food, good service, and a warm, welcoming ambiance. When you present these three ingredients to your diners, you’re generally encouraging them to keep coming back! Hi, this is Susie Rachele. This post is for foodies who have yet to visit Buttermilk Kitchen.

Whenever I come across old acquaintances who know that I am a part of the BK family, I’m always asked, “what’s good to have at Buttermilk Kitchen?” To be honest, answering this question isn’t as simple as naming one or two dishes or items on the menu that are a must-try because, all biases aside, everything we serve at BK is really good!

But for all intents and purposes, I usually answer the question with, Chicken Biscuit! As a matter of fact, ask anyone who’s been to Buttermilk Kitchen and you will most likely get the same answer. So for those of you who haven’t been to BK yet, and are wondering what to get when you do visit, our signature Chicken Biscuit is a good introduction to what we are all about!

The Chicken Biscuit is made with fried chicken breast on a biscuit with homemade red pepper jelly, and served with pimiento cheese grits and pickles on the side. This is served during breakfast hours from Tuesday through Sunday, from 8:00 am to 11:00 am only so you better be at the doors by 8am because the lines get long pretty quickly.

If, by chance, you missed the weekday breakfast hours for the famous biscuit, you can still get it during our weekend brunch (Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm), and it’s available until closing time!

Please stay tuned for more Buttermilk Kitchen updates from me, Susie Rachele. Thanks for stopping by!